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ARRI Amira

ARRI Amira

high end documentary and commercial work

ARRI Amira is a UHD, HDR, high FPS capable camera ready for travel, studio, handheld and steadicam work. I really enjoy working with it, and look for as many opportunities to as I can. It has the same sensor as the Alexa line, producing the same great images that we all have seen for years.

 With a zoom lens like in this photo it can be easy to work with in a fast moving scenario like a documentary, or high end event coverage. It's equally comfortable in a studio for tabletop work, or high speed capturing of fast moving objects. 

I love the palette that it allows me to start all of my projects with. Wether it's a period narrative piece, or a sharp high contrast commercial piece Amira is usually my first choice.

Canon c300

Canon c300

On a budget? the C300 is Still a great camera! 

Yep, it's been around for a bit, and yes it's slow motion options are not much to speak of, however when your project budget is low, but you're need for quality is still there this can be a great choice still. 

It still has a 4k sensor! But it downsamples that to 1080p in camera. That's one of the secrets of this camera. Another one is the color. One of the things Canon has spent good time on is getting skintones pleasant. 

Like the newer mk2, it's small, looks great and travels quite well.

Bottom line, if you put some nice glass on this you might just fool some folks into thinking it's the Amira! (ok, maybe just a few)