Bryan Fowler - DoP


Gear Overview

I like having tools. Having the tools I need to make the job run smoothly and easily it great. 
Check out the links below to see what I have.


camera choices

Cameras are everywhere. I have 2 choices to meet the  budgets of most productions. Click through to figure out what might be good for you. I like shooting with both of them, and I'm happy to chat about them if you want. 


sprinter (camera /grip & lighting)

You gotta get there, so why not arrive in style. But seriously, having the tools you need when you need them is importent. Click through to see more about the sprinter and how many bags of coffee can fit inside.


Lenses / Monitors / wireless / and other fun stuff

Accessorize! Monitors, lenses, filters, wireless stuff, Steadicam, lights, stands, carts. It's generally scaleable to fit the budget. Click through to see what is available.